As many of you know, I have taken up some new efforts to raise money for the animals in need and the educational/outreach programs at Reptile Bliss.

Along with animals, art is something I have great love for, and I’ve decided let one love support another.

With every piece of art you buy from me, you will be helping care for animals in need and supporting awesome educational/outreach programs. 100% – every penny – of the proceeds go to help us continue and improve our efforts for the animals.

That said, I will leave you to spend some time with my art and ask you to, at the very least, let me know what you think and hopefully share our efforts with your friends. If you see something you like, just send me a message through my Facebook page, Angie’s Snake Shed Jewelry!

Again, thank you for spending this time with me, and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!

I am still putting this page together, so for now, contact me directly through my Facebook page to order!